Privacy-focused feedback & customer support system for mobile apps

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Direct feedback one click away enables users to post feedback through a simple widget built into your application and get help before they even think of leaving a negative review in the app store.

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Opinions and attachments

Collect detailed insights from your mobile audience by letting them add screenshots. Accurate feedback equals problems solved more precisely and a lasting user satisfaction.

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Privacy matters collects the minimum amount of data, focusing on the OS, resolution, type of device and connection. Users get an anonymous ID and their feedback is auto-deleted every 6 months or when the app is reinstalled.
This makes the system GDPR compliant.

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Communication in both sides

Notify your mobile app’s users whenever you have answered their request. Use canned responses as answer templates to the most common inquiries. Let them know that you react on time, as fast response builds trust. No more one-way communication.

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And there is more to come

We have new features coming up in web widgets, surveys, voting for the most expected functionalities, insider comments for support teams… and many more!
Good customer care is no customer churn!



Get into a user’s shoes

There is no better place to learn about your users than your mobile application. enables you to collect their feedback through a simple widget inside your app. All you need to do is use one of the native libraries for iOS or Android.

We already support 30,000 users of a mobile platform Arca.

Let users have voice

Boost customer care

Great customer care is a guarantee of your app’s long-term success. Know their needs, pain points, and react in real time. Surveys and voting options will let you know how they feel about the app’s features and recent additions.

Boost customer care

Build trust

Show that privacy matters. collects the minimum amount of customer data, which is automatically deleted from the system after 6 months unless deleted earlier. The system is GDPR compliant.

Build trust

Customer success made simple

Easy to implement and in day-to-day use, enables you to help your mobile app’s users within a few clicks and make informed decisions about its growth.

Customer success made simple


Native feedback system

Implement widgets using mobile libraries for both iOS and Android.

Chat system

Talk to your users as soon as they need help, and provide them with a proper solution in no time.

Canned responses

Prepare templates with answers to the most common questions to serve your mobile customers even faster!

Coming soon


Integrate with your Trello boards, Teamlens account or Stripe payments.


Ask all users, percentage of them or precisely point who should be asked for feedback.

Web widgets

Embed feedback widgets on your website

Advanced canned responses

With support for template tags, auto-responses and much more.


A simple chat bot that will help you resolve most problems before they even reach you.


Get to know which features are most expected by your users.

NPS rating

Find out how you or your supper agents did.

Sentiment analysis

Auto-marke incoming feedback as positive, negative or neutral.

Insider comments

Discuss feedback in your closed team before replying to the user.